In character, in manner, in style, in all things,
the supreme excellence is simplicity.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Before creating LOULOUTE, founder Laura Kwan attended California State University, Fullerton where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.  She then took a position in the marketing department at REVOLVEclothing, where she enhanced her love (obsession) for all things jewelry.  After taking numerous classes in jewelry creation/development, she decided to turn her passion into a profession.


LOULOUTE [loo.loot] - French for honeypie and a play-on of Laura's childhood nickname "LouLou".


Each piece is thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted in Orange County, California.


The vision behind LOULOUTE was to create jewelry for the modern minimalist - pieces meant to complement every outfit, not overpower it.  We strive to design collections that provide our customers with simplicity in its most beautiful form.  We believe in the rule "less, but better".


All pieces are created using 14K gold-filled and/or sterling silver materials.  Gold-filled metal contains a layer of pure gold, which is then bonded to one, or both, surfaces of another metal (brass) using heat and pressure.  Gold-filled is not to be confused with gold plated as filled has 100% more gold than gold plating.  If taken care of properly, gold-filled metals will last a lifetime!  Most people who can wear gold can also wear gold-filled without allergic reactions.

Have questions, requests or just want to chat?  Send us an email! hello@shoplouloute.com



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